We take mobility ideas to the next level.

A part of the S3Transportation Group, our company finds inspiration in Etelätär, the Daughter of the Southern Rain, the Goddess bringing water to thirsty people in summertime according to the Kalevala – the Finnish national epic -, one of the most beautiful traditional sagas ever put in paper.


We believe in making the Mobility of the Future a reality.


We believe in geo-arbitrage and the cross-fertilisation of ideas in a world filled with infinite possibilities. We believe in kick-starting the collaborative economy by connecting innovations to lead users at the local level. We believe in crowd-sourcing as the way ahead to bring the Mobility of the Future.


Delivering Mobility 3.0 to connect People and Businesses.

Capturing instantly the benefits of novel products and services, the Internet of Things is giving birth to a new generation of global citizens and businesses. We work towards building an ubiquitous mobility ecosystem linking data, persons, things, vehicles, and infrastructures.