Digitalising railway power infrastructure and optimising transit capacity.

VIZIMAX’s SynchroTeq® communication-enabled platforms feature advanced and patented-controlled switching strategies for HV and MV switchgears of any make in railways, metros and light transit.

Currently being rolled out in an operational environment by France's SNCF, the overall objective of this range of products is to overcome the challenges associated with the primary and secondary equipment commonly found in AC and DC traction infrastructures, by:

  • Digitalising power infrastructure;
  • Enabling the large-scale deployment of GHG-free switchgears;
  • Securing the seamless connection of power substations to Power Grids; and
  • Implementing a neutral-zone design that reduces costs and increases transit capacity.

The result is a significant CAPEX optimisation and O&M cost reduction for railway, metro and light transit network operators without costly upgrades. 

In regards to rolling stock, SynchroTeq® platforms allow for inrush-free energisation of power transformers.

S3Innovation is proud to be the exclusive SynchroTeq® sales agent for the transportation sector in 17 countries (12 in Europe, 3 in America, 2 in Asia).

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